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February 4, 2020

In this video I talk about some of the struggles I've had with low self-esteem which I believe to be related to the after-effects of childhood trauma (even all these years later), the effect it has had on my writing and the book I have been trying to write on prophetic dreams.

Please note that I have given up on this book since returning to my Catholic faith a few weeks after making this video and will now be writing fiction instead!  I decided to leave it up because I think that some of what I said carries over to the new project - an ebook on my personal testimony.  So please check back for more info!

The video is blue because of the new studio lights. Actually ordinary (but way too bright) lights in a hodge-podge of lamps and borrowed clamp-type fixtures. The YouTube studio is very much a work in progress but despite me being blue and missing half an eyebrow (it is really there just washed out because of the light) it's better than my last video.

I'm hoping to do a video every couple of weeks. So if you want to encourage me by subscribing to my YouTube channel - that would be great!

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Update: Please note that I am no longer writing this particular ebook.  There is no short explanation so I'll share more on that in an upcoming post.  Updating again, I did just finish that post you can read it here The Long Way Home.  

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