My name is Barbara Graver. I'm a blogger, ebook writer and mom to three grownup sons.

I started this blog after a life changing trip to Israel in December 2019. Over the course of that trip I reread the book of Esther. Twice.

It was odd choice of reading. Because, the truth was, I had never liked Esther. Now I realized why. In some ways, Esther's childhood experience paralleled mine. Her powerlessness as vulnerable young girl in a patriarchal society had simply hit too close to home.

On the plane to Tel Aviv I read the Book of Esther with a new sense of appreciation and then I read it again in between the events that affected me so profoundly over the course of my trip.

When I got home, I processed my trip to Israel.  When I was done, I decided it was time to find my voice, as Esther had. And I knew that I wanted to do it through writing.

I started a brand new inspirational romance. I journaled.  I thought about the nonfiction ebook I had to write, started this blog and took a good hard look at my past and everything that had brought me to that particular point in time. And then, I took the 15 minute walk down my own street to complete the 20 year journey that brought me back to the Catholic church.

As I recommitted to the church, I found myself recommitting to other things.  I decided it was time to get serious about my writing. I decided that there would be no more false starts.  No more orphaned manuscripts. No more abandoned blogs.

I worked on my romance and studied the craft. I blogged about writing and books and faith. I typed the first true sentence in my nonfiction manuscript.  And I decided that it made sense to just keep doing that.